Akechi crest

Akechi Crest

Akechi (明智) is a faction in Sengoku BASARA.

Composition Edit

Just like Oda, Akechi's army consists of warriors more loyal to Mitsuhide rather than Nobunaga.

They were later disbanded or absorbed again by Oda army.

In Anime Edit

Akechi Clan was loyal to Oda, taking Nobunaga's dream of conquest to the paper. They later turned their backs on Oda and tried to assassinate him, but were foiled by the intended target himself. They were defeated by Katakura Kojūrō and his part of Date army, seemingly killing Mitsuhide. However, Mitsuhide survives and appears as the monk named Tenkai in Sengoku BASARA The Last Party.

Members Edit