Kobayakawa Hideaki
Yukiden - Hideaki
4-Kanji Description: 無明秋夜
4-Kanji Translation: Ignorant Autumn Night
Weapon: Saucepan
Element: Fire
Faction: Kobayakawa
Series Debut: Sengoku BASARA 3
Playable Debut: Sengoku BASARA 3 Utage
Games: Sengoku BASARA 3 (NPC)
Sengoku BASARA 3 Utage
Sengoku BASARA 4
Sengoku BASARA 4 Sumeragi
Sengoku BASARA Sanada Yukimura-den
Anime: Sengoku BASARA The Last Party
Sengoku BASARA Judge End
Seiyuu: Jun Fukuyama
Voice Actor: Tony Oliver (Samurai Heroes/The Last Party/Judge End)
Television Actor: -
Stage Actor: Yuuya Miyashita

Kobayakawa Hideaki is a character featured in Sengoku BASARA 3, though not as a playable character but becoming one in its expansion, Sengoku BASARA 3 Utage. He had a notable role in the Battle of Sekigahara by defecting to Ieyasu, giving him enough advantage to defeat Mitsunari. Kobayakawa is aided by the monk Tenkai, who is Akechi Mitsuhide in disguise. He is related to Mōri Motonari.


Hideaki is presented as being scared of virtually everything. This allowed him to be lured by Tenkai's sweet words. Hideaki believes the monk has the best means for him in mind. Hideaki is a gourmand, who loves to eat and eat. This is also represented by his soldiers that wield meat cleavers instead of swords. He fights by flailing about and spinning around using his saucepan. In the Japanese script, everyone refers to him by his other name, "Kingo".

He was forced by Ishida Mitsunari to join the Western Army, but due to his fear of Mitsunari, later betrays him at Sekigahara.


He fights by flailing and spinning using his saucepan. His BASARA is summoning a large saucepan, he will spill out foods from the pan that damages the surrounding enemies.

Historical InformationEdit

Kobayakawa Hideaki (小早川秀秋 1567 - April 24, 1601) was fifth son of Kinoshita (or Sugihara) Iesada and the nephew of Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Nene. He was adopted by Hideyoshi and called himself Hashiba Hidetoshi (羽柴秀俊). He was then again adopted by Kobayakawa Takakage (son of Mouri Motonari) and renamed himself Hideaki. Because he had gained the rank of Saemon no Kami or in China "Shikkingo" (執金吾) at genpuku and held the title of Chunagon(中納言), he was also called Kingo Chunagon (金吾中納言). His nickname in Sengoku Basara (Kingo) was from that title.

Before the battle of Sekigahara, Hideaki had intended to betray him, having secretly communicated with Ieyasu. Knowing Hideaki held ill feelings, Mitsunari and Ōtani Yoshitsugu promised him two additional domains around Osaka and the position of kampaku (until Toyotomi Hideyori grew old enough to rule) if he helped them to victory. Even after the battle began, he kept his intentions hidden and felt hesitant to participate with either side so Ieyasu ordered his troops to fire blanks against his troops to force them into action. Hideaki then ordered an attack on the Otani troops and while this attack was beaten back temporarily, his action forced the other armies who had pledged betrayal to also turn. The battle was over within a day.

Hideaki also had success in the mopping up operations that followed, defeating Mitsunari's father, Ishida Masatsugu in the siege of Sawayama Castle. Once the dust had settled, he was given the defeated Ukita clan's former fiefdoms of Bizen and Mimasaka, for a total of 550,000 koku. However, he suddenly died two years later after supposedly going mad, and with no one to succeed him, the Kobayakawa clan disbanded, and his fiefdoms were absorbed by the neighboring Ikeda clan.


Kobayakawa Hideaki

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How to UnlockEdit

Game How to Unlock Notes
Sengoku BASARA 3 Unplayable -
Sengoku BASARA 3 Utage Unlocked by Default -
Sengoku BASARA 4 Clear the game with Hanbei Can be unlocked with DLC
Sengoku BASARA 4 Sumeragi Unlocked by Default -
Sengoku BASARA Sanada Yukimura-den Complete Story Mode -
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