Sengoku Basara 3 Edit

Voice samplesEdit

  • "I shall never forgive you."
  • "I dare you, hurt me if you can!"
  • "I lay my sins to waste."
  • "Your misdeeds merit no mercy!"
  • "May your guilt plague you."
  • "Lord Hideyoshi, I have yet earn my death."
  • "I cannot die like this. Lord Hideyoshiii!"
  • "I shall go my own way. I suggest you do the same."
  • "Hate. It is the fire that fuels us all."
  • "Lord Hideyoshi, please grant me permission to kill her."
  • "How many more must I slay before I have your head on a pike?"
  • "I will annihilate all your little pawns!"
  • "We will be claiming your blades and your hands as bounty!"
  • "Pray? And why would you deem your prayers worth answering?"
  • "You're nothing but a nuisance, wasting my time!"
  • "That's right, be afraid! Cower before me in filth, you rats!"
  • "You, how would you like to taste your own blood?"
  • "Just when I thought my mood couldn't worsen."
  • "Leave! Be gone! Disappear from my sight at once!"
  • "I can see in your eyes the hatred I feel in mine."
  • "Kill me! Leave me to die in a pool of my own blood!"
  • "Go ahead, happy to take responsibility. I will pay for it with my life."
  • "Do you see what I can do? The strength Lord Hideyoshi has entrusted in me."
  • "Lord Hideyoshi, Lord Hanbe, your influence spreads."
  • "Lord Hideyoshi, has this pleased you?"
  • "Still your tongue, pirate, your philosophy stinks of sentiment."
  • "Do not stop Yoshitsugu, continue to the end."
  • "If it had been me, I would have slaughtered them all."
  • "Do not make me repeat myself. I will not allow you to die."
  • "No! You cannot die!"
  • "Ieyasu! Ieyasuuu! Ieyasuuuuu!"
  • "Rob me of my allies, isolate me and then reproach me for my want of brotherhood! Make sense of this hypocrisy if you dare even try!"
  • "I got it. From now on, you will be known as "Kanbe the Fool". It suits you."
  • "You dare drag your soiled feet into Lord Hideyoshi's castle!? Kanbe... I will kill you for this!"
  • "Kanbe! I will squeeze the life out of your throat!"
  • "Run away, and never return! Else, I'll squeeze a cry for mercy from your throat!"
  • "Kanbe... Lord Hideyoshi loves this castle! How could you dare defile it?!"
  • "You will return this castle to its rightful owner, and you will restore it to the exact pristine state you found it in!"
  • "On that day I died. You, you run away to save yourself and you continue to flee!"
  • "Lord Hideyoshi, permission to annihilate him!"
  • "This man must atone for your death."
  • "I don't wish to rule. I want to see your life end by my blade!"
  • "Fall to rot!"
  • "I swear with my life, I will end your life, Date Masamune!"
  • "Masamune and Ieyasu! Right here, right now! I lay claim to both your heads!"
  • "As long as the two of you draw breath, my soul can never know a moments peace!"
  • "You say that my actions disgrace Lord Hideyoshi!? That I fail to serve by his will!?"
  • "Take it back! I have never strayed from the path he set for me!"
  • "I am my Lord's most favored! I am the one chosen to inherit his command!"

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