Source: SB3 Utage japanese wiki

Feature Condition
Unlock Uesugi Kenshin Clear story mode with Katakura Kojūrō or Kobayakawa Hideaki (Kingo)
Unlock Kasuga Clear story mode with Sarutobi Sasuke or Tachibana Muneshige
Unlock Maeda Toshiie Clear story mode with Matsunaga Hisahide or Tenkai (Akechi Mitsuhide)
Unlock Matsu Clear story mode with Mogami Yoshiaki or Ōtomo Sōrin
Unlock Hōjō Ujimasa Clear 5 story modes
Unlock Takeda Shingen Clear all story modes
Unlock Tag Mode Clear all story modes and have a MAX level bodyguard who is a playable character
Unlock 30-Man Kumite Match Clear all story modes
Unlock 60-Man Kumite Match Available as a challenge after clearing 30-man kumite
Unlock Basara Difficulty Clear story or unification mode on Ultimate difficulty
Unlock character's personal item (PI) Available for purchase in Basara shop after clearing unification mode (either normal conquest or Dream Chance) with that character
Unlock alternate costume

Available after clearing story mode or unification mode (either normal conquest or Dream Chance) with that character. Previous alts (from SB3) are also available.

Note: Kenshin, Kasuga, Toshiie, Matsu, Ujimasa and Shingen do not have alternate costumes.

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