Play Books or Game Books[1] refer to a set of consumable and non-consumable items introduced in Sengoku BASARA 4. Their effects are many and they can modify the gameplay to the player's liking. They are usually obtained either as rewards from battle or they can be bought from the in-game shop.

List of Play BooksEdit


Play Book Effect Cost
SB4 Enemy Soldier Recovery
Enemy Soldier Recovery
Enemies gradually regain their hit points, but if victorious you receive a 200% bonus to money earned. 8,000
SB4 Double Enemy Hit Points
Double Enemy Hit Points
Enemy hit points are doubled, but you receive a 50% increase to your performance evaluation. 8,000
SB4 Gamble
Grants a +4 bonus to money acquisition, but your funds halve whenever you take damage. 8,000
SB4 Resolve to Risk Your Life
Resolve to Risk Your Life
P1 and your battle comrade (P2) gain 4x attack power, but take 4x more damage from enemies. 8,000
SB4 Fifty-Fifty
Damage received from enemies is halved, but you only receive half of the rewards after the battle. 5,000
SB4 Money Conversion
Money Conversion
All experience points and Inrou boxes from defeated enemies become money, but you will be unable to gain experience or add it to your Inrou during the battle. 10,000
SB4 Gather Inrou
Gather Inrou
The rice balls you receive during battle become Inrou experience instead. 10,000
SB4 Emphasis on Hassle
Emphasis on Hassle
The attack power of P1 and your battle comrade (P2) is halved, but attacking enemies grants +2 hit count. 8,000
SB4 Backwater Guidance
Backwater Guidance
You start the battle in near-death status and gain 3x attack power when you're near death. 8,000
SB4 First Campaign
First Campaign
P1 and your battle comrade (P2) start the battle at level 1, and experience earned goes into your Inrou. You also receive a 50% increase to your performance evaluation. 8,000

Play Book Effect Cost
SB4 Slayer of Generals
Slayer of Generals
Doubles your attack power when fighting an enemy commander. 8,000
SB4 Double Hit Points
Double Hit Points
Grants double hit points to P1 and your battle comrade (P2). 3,000
SB4 Random Criticals
Random Criticals
Triples the chance that P1 and your battle comrade (P2) will score critical hits. 8,000
SB4 Quick Style
Quick Style
Your Style gauge fills twice as quickly, but the duration of your Maximum Style effect is halved. 10,000
SB4 Fugitive Hunting
Fugitive Hunting
Displays the position of fugitives on the map. If there are no fugitives, this book has no effect. 5,000
SB4 Full of Energy
Full of Energy
You start battle with MAX Style and Basara gauges. 10,000
SB4 Turret Expert
Turret Expert
The attack power of weapon systems is increased and it becomes harder for them to overheat. In addition, the time taken to recover from overheating is reduced. 3,000
SB4 Steel Body
Steel Body
Enemy attacks will not stagger you. 8,000
SB4 Complete Mastery
Complete Mastery
You start the battle with access to all of your special moves and unique abilities. In addition, they'll all be at maximum level and have slightly raised attack power. 10,000
SB4 One-time Resurrection
One-time Resurrection
When either P1 or your battle comrade (P2) is incapacitated, they'll instantly be brought back to life once. 15,000



Reference ListEdit

  • (Credit for translation goes to Raindrops)
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