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Shima Sakon
SB4 Sakon Shima
4-Kanji Description: 双天来舞
4-Kanji Translation: Twin Heavenly Dance
Weapon: Twin Swords & Kicks
Element: Wind
Faction: Ishida
Series Debut: Sengoku BASARA 4
Playable Debut: Sengoku BASARA 4
Games: Sengoku BASARA 4
Sengoku BASARA 4 Sumeragi
Anime: -
Seiyuu: Nakamura Yuichi
Voice Actor: -
Live-Action Actor: -

Shima Sakon is a new playable character featured in Sengoku BASARA 4. He is a cheerful young man who enjoys gambling and his flirtatious look, who serves under Ishida Mitsunari. His weapon is a pair of blades and his movesets involves acrobatic-looking attacks and kicks.

He is initially playable within the game.


Sengoku BASARA 4Edit

Sakon's original name was Shima Kiyooki, and he wandered around aimlessly without any real aim in life. Before the events of the game, he meets Keiji who, as an ex-vagabond, was very similar to himself. After a gamble match and a heated battle, Keiji tells Kiyooki that it's wrong for him to be wasting his talents when the country is stuck in such a turbulent era, and Kiyooki leaves with Keiji's words stuck in his head. It's not until his chance meeting with Mitsunari that he decides to follow Keiji's words and Mitsunari's lifestyle of living for his lord, and changes his name to Shima Sakon (which means 'close to the left', the left being Mitsunari - Hideyoshi's left arm).

Sakon has a rivalry with Shibata Katsuie , who Sakon believes would have been himself if Mitsunari hadn't entered his life. As their roles could have easily been reversed, Sakon can't leave Katsuie to his fate, and tries to convince him that there is something worth living for. In Sakon's drama ending, he reveals that he knew Katsuie before he became the empty man he is now, and he admired everything about him, and so he can't watch him give up on his future without even trying. While Katsuie had originally been sent to assassinate Hideysohi, Sakon instead takes him to defeat Yoshiteru , before admitting at the end of it all that he was betting on his future.

In Sakon's anime ending, Mitsunari is bitter because Hideyoshi and Hanbee left him out of the battle with Ieyasu's forces. They lay siege on Ii Naotora's land, but during Sakon's battle with Naotora, Tadakatsu enters to give her extra support. Sakon doesn't understand why he would be there if Ieyasu is locked in battle with the Toyotomi, until Yoshitsugu presents the likelihood that Ieyasu won the battle and Hideyoshi and Hanbee are in fact dead. Later, when a messenger of the Toyotomi confirm that Hideyoshi and Hanbee were killed in battle, Mitsunari refuses to believe it and runs off to Osaka in search for them, with Sakon in pursuit. When he gets there, Masamune and Yukimura have stormed the castle and Hideyoshi is nowhere to be found, so Mitsunari desperately assumes that they must be waiting for him at his castle at Sawayama and once again runs off. When Sakon finally catches up to him and tries to talk some sense into him, Mitsunari comes to the conclusion that Sakon is a spy sent in his form by Ieyasu to kill him, and goes berserk.  When Sakon comes to the realization that Mitsunari will only calm down if he allows Mitsunari to kill him, he stops fighting and lets Mitsunari vent all his anger on him. Mitsunari comes back to his senses and remembers him before landing the killing blow, but Sakon drops dead moments after welcoming him back, leaving Mitsunari distraught.

Historical InformationEdit

Shima Kiyooki (島清興), also known as Shima Sakon (島左近), was a Japanese samurai of the late Sengoku period. Shima eventually left the service of the Tsutsui, and eventually joined Ishida Mitsunari before Sekigahara.

At the Battle of Sekigahara, Shima served as one of Ishida's higher-ranking officers, commanding a unit of 1,000 strong men. Some sources suggest Shima led musketmen and that his position had cannons. He was shot by riflemen led by Kuroda Kanbei's son Nagamasa, forcing him to retreat. He died of his wounds about one month after the battle.


  • 「Even」・「Odd」 (「丁」・「半」 「chou」・「han」?)
  • 「Victory」・「Loss」 (「白」・「黒」 「shiro」・「kuro」?)
  • 「Good Luck」・「Bad Luck」 (「吉」・「凶」 「kichi」・「kyou」?)
  • 「Heaven」・「Earth」 (「天」・「地」 「ten」・「chi」?)
  • 「Six」・「Four」 (「丁」・「半」 「mutsu」・「yotsu」?)
  • 「Even」・「Odd」 (「丁」・「半」 「chou」・「han」?) (unsigned)
  • 「Even」・「Odd」 (「丁」・「半」 「chou」・「han」?) (gold)


Sakon's fighting style can be divided into to two stances - Twin Swords and Kicks - which can be easily switched during battle. These two stances determine almost his entire moveset from his S-String starting hits, to his skills to his Basara finisher.

When using his twin swords, Sakon's attacks cover more area, making this stance better against groups.

When using kicks, Sakon's attacks cover less area, but tends to come out quicker, making it better against single opponents.

The stances can be switch using his Buttons - R1 skill (regardless of stance) or during certain points in his S-String. While his stances allow him to adapt to most situations, care must be taken when performing his S-String since stance-switching happens at certain points of his S-String, possibly leading to the usage of the wrong skill. Fortunately, each of his skills are functionally similar to its counterpart in the other stance.



Matching Dice (ゾロ目 zorome?)

  • Button: Buttons - Square (long press)
  • Acquisition: level 1

Raised Floor (子あがり koagari?)

  • Button: Buttons - Triangle
  • Acquisition: level 1

50-50 (五分五分 gobugobu?)

  • Button: D-pad + Buttons - Triangle
  • Acquisition: level 1

Even Number ( chou?)

  • Button: Buttons - R1
  • Acquisition: level 2

Storm (アラシ arashi?)

  • Button: Buttons - L1 + Buttons - Triangle
  • Acquisition: level 5


Gambling (鉄火 tekka?)

  • Button: Buttons - Square (long press)
  • Acquisition: level 1

Compromising Dealer (親おとし oya otoshi?)

  • Button: Buttons - Triangle
  • Acquisition: level 1

Persistence (一点張り ittenbari?)

  • Button: D-pad + Buttons - Triangle
  • Acquisition: level 1

Odd Number ( han?)

  • Button: Buttons - R1
  • Acquisition: level 2

Tick Tock (カチカチ kachikachi?)

  • Button: Buttons - L1 + Buttons - Triangle
  • Acquisition: level 5

Secret Skills (Buttons - R2)Edit

Just As Expected (おもうツボ omoutsubo?)

  • Acquisition: level 20

Koi-Koi (こいこい koikoi?)

  • Acquisition: level 30

Anyway In This World You Can Never Tell How It'll End (どうせこの世は一天地六 douse konoyo wa ittenchiroku?)

  • Acquisition: level 45


SB4 Sakon Shima Close-Up

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  • In Sengoku BASARA 3, he was an NPC general that you could recruit as an ally by beating Osaka: Winter as Maeda Keiji in Story Mode.
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