Tokugawa crest

Tokugawa Crest

Tokugawa is a faction in the Sengoku BASARA series.

Composition Edit

Tokugawa armies have countless numbers, along with some commanders. They fight with superior numbers.

They consist of samurai, spearmen, archers, arquebusiers, giants, and everything the other armies raised.

In Anime Edit

In the first Sengoku BASARA, they are under Oda's grasp, until Ieyasu rebels and is seemingly killed by Mitsuhide himself.

In the second season, they serve under Toyotomi until they break allegiance and start to search for potential allies.

In Judge End, they serve Ieyasu's Eastern Army against Mitsunari's Western Army.

In the Last Party, they create the Eastern Army and lead the other parties to assemble at Sekigahara to help Kobayakawa Hideaki's plan to assemble the different warlords, until Mitsunari and his Western Army attack all of them.

Members Edit

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