My fellow basara fans: we are being denied an awesome video game. Sengoku Basara 4 for the Playstation 3 is being released in January 2014 in Japan. And of course Capcom is not going to dub and release it in the US for the good fans like us. There is a large amount of fans for the series here in the US alone; they just refuse to look into because they are quite lazy at times. These are the same people committing injustice to megaman.


But what I am here to ask you is this: lets fight for this game! This is most likely the last Sengoku Basara game that will be for the PS3. And maybe the last time we will get any info on this series outside Japan. What I have at the bottom of this little essay is a petition…yes an ordinary petition. The idea here is for you all to sign and spread it to everywhere basara fans are.


But don’t be fooled, the petition alone isn’t the only part of my plan for this. The idea of the petition is simply to gather people for something much bigger! So please, as a fellow basara fan, sign and spread this, we aren’t going to allow capcom to screw us over on this awesome game!

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