Translations of some more Sengoku Basara 4 content: Character Levelling

We discovered that you could level characters up out of battle a few days ago and the latest video revealed exactly how it works. First, you need to select it from the menu in the Battle Preparation screen. Here's an annotated version.


Next, here's a screenshot of the Character Levelling interface. For an explanation of how the Inrou of Enhancement stores experience, please consult the first of this week's translation posts. I think everything else is self-explanatory.


Translations of some more Sengoku Basara 4 content: Weapon Enhancement

You can access Weapon Enhancement through the Basara-ya Shop using the menu screens I translated in my previous post, or by going to Battle Preparation → Equip Weapon then pressing R1 once to switch screens. You can see which screen you're in by checking the navigation in the top left corner.

This next one looks intimidating but it's just a matter of learning the layout. Square controls the weapon's Rarity level, which affects its maximum stats. Triangle boosts stats by random amounts using your stock of fortune hammers, while the Circle button lets you increase individual stats with your stock of whetstones.


Translations of some more Sengoku Basara 4 content: Play Books

I've mentioned the flat, rectangular items you can receive as rewards or buy from the in-game shop a few times now and they appear to be called Play Books or Game Books. In this case I'm going with the former for my translations since the word 'game' is used a lot elsewhere. I've adjusted the annotations on the march screen in my previous translation post to take this decision into account.

In the bottom left of the main march screen is a section labelled Play Settings which you can access by pressing L1. I believe that this will take you to your Play Books, allowing you to set up to three of them in the slots below. It looks as though they'll work like the accessories did in the previous games.


Here's a list of the books and their effects that I've seen so far. Since the icons all seem to look the same anyway, I'm going to present the translations as a list instead of a picture to make it easier to update over time.

Name Translation
体力倍増 Double hit points
敵体力倍増 Double enemy hit points
敵兵治癒 Enemy soldier recovery
ばくち打ち Gamble
捨て身の覚悟 The resolve to risk your life
大将殺し Slayer of generals
会心乱発 Random criticals
鋼のからだ Steel body
粋早々 Quick Style
手数重視 Emphasis on hassle

The effect and bonus reward for 'Enemy soldier recovery' is also shown: enemies gradually regain their hit points, and if you win you get a 200% bonus to the money you earned. Translations of some more Sengoku Basara 4 content: Weapon Fusion

To add Inscriptions to your weapons, you need to use the Weapon Fusion system. It can be found in the same menu as Weapon Enhancement above. First, choose your weapon from the list as usual. The blue label means the weapon is equipped, the yellow label means you're performing the synthesis on that weapon (I'm calling it the 'base weapon'), and the red label is used for the weapon you're using as raw materials for the upgrade. Here's the first Weapon Fusion screen from the video with text annotations in English.


When you've picked the weapon you want to use as your 'raw material', you're taken to the main Weapon Fusion screen. You can move Inscriptions from the 'raw material' weapon to the one you're upgrading.


Selecting a slot which already has an Inscription gives the message 'Discard'. Be careful you don't do this unless you want to reclaim that slot!

Certain types of Inscription can be placed on top of others to boost them. The video shows the 'Extreme' Inscription being added to a basic type, making it stronger.

Once you're done, you can press Triangle to complete the fusion, destroying the 'raw material' weapon in the process. Each upgrade has a cost, and you have to pay the total price when the button is pressed.

Translations of some more Sengoku Basara 4 content: Inscriptions

You can view the table of Inscriptions by pressing R2 when you're in the shop or on the main battle preparation screen, or straight from the Weapon Enhancement menu above.

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